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During 2001 Dining-Out introduced the concept of banner advertising on its web pages. It is important that the look, feel and user friendliness of the home page is not affected by advertising so the extent of advertising is kept to a minimum and located only at the foot of the pages within the site.

The advertising on the home page has the same advertising that appears on subsequent pages and each page has the same look and feel.

In line with current trends, advertising costs are based on a "page view" charge out rate. In other words, each time the ad is displayed and viewed by a potential customer, a charge is made. Thus it is possible for the same space to be used by different advertisers concurrently with the actual ad displayed at any time being chosen at random. Each time an advertiser's ad is displayed and viewed, a charge is made and a counter is incremented. When the counter reaches the number of page views paid for that ad will cease displaying.

The advantage of this method of charging is that the advertiser does not have to worry about the popularity of the site. He will always know that one charge is levied for one page view. A high display rate will reduce the time period over which the ads are displayed and a low display rate will increase this time.

Advertisers can select the number of page views according to a table of costs which offers lower per view costs depending on the number of views purchased. Advertisers can also select the frequency of display such as 1 in 5, 1 in 10 etc. A 1 in 5 display rate will mean that for every 5 page views by site visitors, that advertiser's ad will be displayed once and other ads will be displayed for the other 4 times.

The ad will display on any page of the site but this is not particularly relevant. Whether a prospective customer views the ad on the home page or on a supplier page it is still a viewing of the ad by a prospective customer and the counter is incremented for each viewing. The concept of banner advertising is therefore quite different from newsprint ads where one ad can be seen by any number of prospective clients but the numbers of page views is never known and location and positioning are all important.


Page ViewsPrice
1,000R 300
5,000R 1,250
25,000R 5,000
100,000R 15,000

The customer will supply the ad content in electronic format, preferably in .jpg measuring 250 pixels wide and from 50 to 150 pixels high. Larger .jpg files can be mailed and will be reduced to this size but the height/width proportions should be as above.

Quotes can be given for the design and creation of banner ads to customer specifications.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and fees are deposited prior to ad loading on the web.

Display FrequencyAd Space Usage
1 in 1100%
1 in 520%
1 in 1010%
1 in 254%

Customers should therefore specify in their purchase order:

  1. Page views required.
  2. Display frequency required.

Should a display frequency not be available at the time the order is placed the customer will be notified and other options can be discussed.

Should you have any suggestions or special requirements please discuss these with us and we will try to accommodate these wherever possible.


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